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An intuitive way to start your next page in Chrome.

A world of mess

Made beautiful

LinkPadz is a Chrome extension downloaded from the Chrome Store that transforms your new tab into a beautiful lauch screen for your websites and Internet searches. It learns from your browing history and allows you to display or hide any site you want.

Looks Great

LinkPadz looks great with a clean and modern design filled with simple controls and beautiful logos

Saves you time

Say goodbye to bookmarks. LinkPadz gives you quick and easy access to the sites you visit the most with far less clicks.


LinkPadz determines where you want to go next, from where you've been, by analizing your Chrome history.

Easy to Customize

Customize your background, change your logos, block sites, add sites, and more. It's all easy to setup!


Enhance your browsing experience

Wall Papers.
Make it Personal.

Personalize your experience by changing the background images. You can use some of the prebuilt ones, or upload a bunch of your own to easily switch between them.

Proportional Sizes.
Easily see your top sites.

LinkPadz automatically calculates the size of bubbles based on your browsing habits and history. The bigger the bubble, the more often you visit the site.

Add or Remove.
Customized links.

LinkPadz allows you to add or remove links to sites of your choosing. You can hide sites that you don't want to see, pin sites that are important, or add new sites to your pad.

In LinkPadz or Google.

LinkPadz includes powerful filters and search. Find your popular links from the last day, week, or month using the time control. Want to see more results? Increase the number of bubble using the more/less slider. Or search the links for keyword in the search bar.

lovely customers

Don’t take our word for it

“This application has breathed new life into my stale bookmarks. LeapPadz just *knows* what sites I use, and lets me find them again quickly...”

“Cooool. It's fun to show off. All my colleagues notice it, and then ask me where to get it.”

“The visual layout is really cool. Never has my home page looked so good.. ..and I like how you can customize the logos!”

“It saves me time and keeps me organized. I've tried other applications but LinkPadz is by far the best.”

“I never really used bookmarks or quicklinks, but LinkPadz situates everything so conveniently that I use it ALL THE TIME.”

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How it works

Get to know LinkPadz better

Configuration menu.

Click this to configure stuff.

History display.

View your links from the past day, week, month, or 3 months. Move the slider to the left or right to change the time period.


To start your LinkPad simply start a new chrome tab. Click the new tab button, or hit ctrl+T (command+T for you apple guys).

Click and go.

Click you link and you’re there.

Hide a link.

Don’t want a link displayed on your Pad? Simply hide it. To unhide it visit your hidden site list in the configuration menu.

Proportional links.

The more you visit a site the bigger the link bubble (within reason, of course).

Google it.

Type any text in the search bar and press enter to access the Google machine.

Focus on your link.

Start searching for your link in the search bar and it will appear.

Custom logos.

For each of your links you can use the default image that LinkPad has chosen or load your own. Enter the configuration menu, then drag a jpeg/jpg or png to the bubble or just click on it to load your custom logo.

Pin links.

Pin sites that you want to keep displayed on your LinkPad.

Custom wallpapers.

Load any image your heart desires. There are 4 default images or a button to load your image in the configuration menu.

Custom links.

Don’t see the link you want? Enter the configuration menu then enter the web address you want on your LinkPad. Or just click the LinkPad Chrome button in the top right corner of your browser window.


Share the love and post on facebook, twitter, or grab the link.

More or Less links.

Display anywhere from 10 all the way to 50 of your links on a single LinkPad. Move the slider to increase and decrease the number.

Get where you are going faster. LinkPadz determines where you want to go, by where you've been and displays your most commonly visited sites in a beautiful and intuitive way using bubbles. The more you visit the site the larger the bubble. If you don't want to see it on your screen simply hide it from view.

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